Don't Assume - Just Ask!

This book propels couples toward a deeper intimacy in your relationship.
Simply 1000 ideas and questions that can be discussed
in the course of getting to know your mate or friends.
As an aid for the married it is also great for dating couples.
Discover more about yourself and more about that person of interest.
Plenty of conversation starters.


A Journey to Intimacy

The contents of "Don't Assume - Just Ask!"

Sections for -
   Deep Conversation Starters
   Quick Fire (Multiple Choices)
   Trust Exercises
   Rate in Priority 1 to 10
   Choose "Which is most important"

   Questions by Category -
      Character Traits
      Mental Evaluations
      Physical - Visual Preferences
      Social - Relational
      Spiritual - Religious

With plenty of space for keeping notes.

Book is due
to be released shortly.
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A Peek Inside

Download Sample Page

• (Deeper Conversations) What do you see yourself giving (contributing) to the relationship?

• (Deeper Conversations) Has your personality undergone changes from your childhood? Explain.

• (Quick Fire) After making a plan, Do you change it?
     Never. Sometimes. Often and go with the flow.

• (Political) Who will do a better job in government?
     Democrat, Republican, Independent or Other.

• (Scale of 1 to 10) How much do you care about other peoples affirmation.

• (Character) What character trait do you most admire? Explain why.

• (Character) Do you use truth or tale when you miss or are late for an appointment?

• (Emotions) What scares you the most and tell why?

• (Family) Do you enjoy family reunions or gatherings? Explain your answer.

• (Financial) How much money in the bank will make you feel secure? Explain why you arrived at your answer.

• (Humor) Have you ever laughed at yourself? Explain.

• (Mental Evaluations) What does love look like?

• (Physical) What is your best physical asset and why?

• (Social - Relational) What do you want your closest friend to know about you?

• Spiritual - Religious) Explain why you think God either loves or hates you.