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If you are yet unfamiliar with what a RSS feed is please let let explain. Otherwise you can go directly to these RSS links.

Link for RSS Feed

This is a direct address for the Restoration Song feed if you prefer not going through Google's feedburner. Either of these work the same.

Subscribing to a RSS feed costs you nothing and it can give your life more organization. Especially if you are trying to keep track of a number of different sites and are finding less available time to do so.

The RSS feed is an easy way for your computer to keep up with changes that are posted to a web site or blog. When new postings are made they show up with a brief description in a RSS Reader.

There are a number of Readers either free or for nominal fees. Apple has a RSS reader in Mail (their email browser) and it posts and automatically updates in a single window. (just like incoming emails).

I am not recommending any one reader in particular but are listing a few if you want to investigate on your own. Each may have different features. Two different types are the web sites such as Bloglines which you can access from any place from any computer by going into your account. And others are applications that you download to your computer and can only be used from that one computer.

* Clicking on this RSS feed takes you to Googles Feedburner where they suggest a number of readers such as My Yahoo, Newsgator, Bloglines, Netvibes, Google, Pageflakes.

* You can also do a search for others. Some might be FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, NewsFire, RSSOwl, Shrook, and USM.

* I use Bloglines, it costs nothing and is simple to use.

* Some of the browsers now have an xml reader included so just clicking on either of the addresses above may open the page in your browser. You can then bookmark the page. But this takes going to that page each time you want to see updates. Whereas with any Reader you keep open, it lists the updates for all the sites you have added to search, without having to go to each individual site.

If this is confusing I understand for it was for me the first time. But the organization and the time it has saved me has been well worth it.

I hope that you enjoy Restoration Songs resources, music, posters, stories of restoration, blogs and news. And I thank you for adding us to your RSS feeds. Please recommend us to your family and friends.
Be blessed, Leonardo K