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What I have Learned

By Leonardo K

Throughout my life I have recorded thoughts on pieces of paper, in notebooks, on empty envelopes, whatever I could find that was handy at the moment of inspiration. I believe some times these moments to be what I call "God Speak". I cannot explain otherwise how this comes to me. Other times it is just my meandering ways.

I finally am getting around to organizing and recording them into the books "What I have Learned" and "Advice to My Son". (Should you pass any of these thoughts on please give credit to this author. Also appreciated will be your forwarding this web site, or the RSS Feed, to all your friends and family.)

I do not represent myself to be an authoritative intellect. Since there is no such thing as new knowledge, Knowledge is discoverable to anyone. Yet all knowledge is not necessarily truth. Knowledge is based on information that comes to us through exterior sources.


Everyone should be diligent and investigate all knowledge given to them to discern if it is the truth.

Knowledge (an accumulation of supposed facts) should not be confused with wisdom (the ability to reason). I pray that there is some perceived wisdom that speaks to you in the following proverbs. And that it will motivate you to further investigate if it is the truth. If you find any wisdom here I give all the credit to my God and creator.

  Acquiring Physical Skills...
Becoming A Man...
Being God Centered...
Building Character...
Dreams and Desires...
Finding The Love Of Your Life...
Government and Society...
Living The Adventure...
Our Human Nature...
Putting Joy In Your Life...
Self Improvement...
Wisdom and Logic...

Putting Joy In Your Life...

When asked how I am, I always respond “fantastic”. For in speaking it out loud my spirit hears and agrees.

Life is a gift from God. So surround yourself only with those that will help you celebrate it.

To be happier, rid your life of your expectations then you can be thankful not for presumed obligations but for joyful blessings!

A smiling face is an approving face.

Life is a gift to be celebrated.

Happiness is not a place where you reside it is a place that resides within you. Download Poster

Tests have proven even faking a smile changes a mood from sad to glad.

My Favorite Childhood Memory: My dog, Chase, putting his head in my lap when he sensed I was sad.

I have always been the happiest by not reviewing my losses but rather listing my blessings.

Today I realized that the fuel my engine runs on are words of encouragement.

It is a authentic tangero who can spend a lifetime searching for the perfect tango.

Life and dancing should be let out to breath instead of being suffocated by someone else's limits.

Be thankful for today as it is a blessing and soon gone.

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Living the Adventure...

Age is about overcoming increasing barriers.

Even at 67 I still refuse to accept my limits.

I offer a special lady the adventure of a whirlwind. I say special because most women say they like adventure but anxiety cause them to settle for their safe, puny and boring puffs of wind.

Many times an exit door is really an entrance into something better.

A completed task brings much satisfaction.

An adventure is a 1000 times better when shared with a friend!

One’s life is fullest when looking forward rather than backward! The adventures are just ahead while regrets are best left in the past.

The antithesis to routine is adventure.

A day turns to adventure by lifting it out of the mundane.

Fear not the moment of uncertainty for it can spawn the greatest of adventures.

Observation has shown me the minute a man stops reaching for goals he begins to die! Thankfully I have enough goals in process to keep me living well into the next century. :-)

Success is sweetest not as the goal but rather a by-product of being good at what you love.

It is one thing to say you are young at heart it is quite another to actually live it.

A fulfilling life has a purpose and a passion plus gratitude.

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I have been single for a long time. In the mean time I have studied what it takes to make a sound and secure marriage. Good communication is critical. Marriage is a service to each other. Selfishness needs to be left outside on the doorstep.

My definition of an open marriage: Two people who can put their egos aside, objectively evaluate themselves and their relationship, then take responsibility to make their own positive adjustments.

"An advantage to being married is that you each have someone to share the load"

"The wife of a wealthy man spends a lot of time alone."

A Best Friend will know the song in your heart and takes over the singing when you become exhausted. Download Poster

A loving relationship celebrates both the commonalities and the differences. Download Poster

Whether right or wrong most everyone consider their own opinions to be justifiable.

I pray to be a better encourager! Download Poster

With women my mouth can be like a steam shovel, the more I talk the deeper the hole gets.

"To forgive" operates like a paper shredder. Some hurt may still be there but now it is in many small insignificant pieces.

It is our human nature to ask, what can I get out of this relationship? While forgetting to ask what can I contribute?

Speak Up! Don’t expect your mate to read your mind.

Be wary of someone calling themselves a friend who asks your help but then leaves you with all of the load.

Most everyone will be glad to share your joy, yet it is the true friend who volunteers to share your pain.

True friendship does not require conditions.

Eye Contact is important in good communication.

Be Flexible...To maintain healthy relationships be prepared to adjust your expectations.

I think only God can repair a relationship where trust has been broken.

Two things bring intimacy, shared dreams and shared trials. Download Poster

Begin thanking God for someone, even someone you dislike, and observe how your esteem for them will grow.

Friend Garry DeLong’s claim to success for a 38 year marriage. “I keep us living on the edge and Molly keeps me from falling off.”

The strongest relationships create a freedom and an ability to simply ask, when there is a need or a desire.

Loyalty never quits but combines energy to solving problems together.

A relationship sometimes needs a storm to bring the resuscitating rain.

A downside to not confronting differences is losing an opportunity to gain a deeper intimacy.

It is differing ideologies that separate us.

For a man to be able to truly listen to a woman he must feel respected. For a woman to be able to truly listen to a man she must feel loved.

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Being God Centered...

The more wealth a man accumulates the more he thinks of himself and less of God.

There is great pleasure in doing God’s will.

To get a miracle you have to believe in miracles.

If you are sincere when praying for rain carry your umbrella.

Let us strive to be on God's side rather than asking Him to be on ours.

My prayers often are limited to what is directly in front of me, unaware to all the possibilities God sees.

Sometimes God shuts down something good to bring us something even better. Download Poster

Let evil not remain unchallenged. For your silence may suggest your approval.

A man's paintings pale in comparison to the original that God created.

Without a scale we can ignore incremental weight gain. Without God's law we can ignore evil's incremental gain.

To have a happy life leave your chains at the foot of the cross.

To hear from God, first you need to be open - to hearing from God.

Put your faith in God, not government. History proves the first to be prudent and the second to be fallacy.

My Prayer: God I am an empty vessel, fill me up!

A strong faith avoids asking God the question, “Why me?”

Whatever you do, do it for the pleasure of God!

God provided and chose Israel as His example for the world. As Israel exemplifies, follow Him and you are blessed. Turn away from Him and you are cursed.

Make everyday a Thanksgiving Day to God for His bountiful blessings.

We are fools, who own nothing, to try bargaining with God, who owns all. In reality we have nothing to offer for trade.

I trust in God because He sees more than I.

If a person was able to contain all the knowledge of this world, it would only be a pebble compared to Gods.

God in His love gives us laws not to limit our choices but to limit the consequences.

Move forward while trusting God and He will open or close the appropriate doors.

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Finding the Love of Your Life...

Look for someone who celebrates life.

Define your dreams then find someone with similar ambitions.

I can overlook a lot if someone has a ready smile.

Looking for a mate? Be a work in progress and then find someone who sees themselves the same way.

Find a God fearing woman who can and will be your mirror.

Spending your life with the “Right One” may be the greatest adventure of all.

While many are not willing to pay the admission, a couple, becoming one, means both must go to a new place of heart and mind.

Ultimately a man chooses a mate not for her looks but for how he feels about himself in her presence.

The most empowering words a woman can say to a man, “I believe in you!”

Don’t make someone a priority in your life when you are only an option in theirs.

Get married for what you can give, not for what you will get.

Every man needs one woman who will be his cheerleader.

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Our Human Nature...

We are what we eat and we are a country in decline as we have long been on a steady diet of deep fried morals.

Always consider the source, as often it is the little dog making a lot of barking noises that starts the fight.

Even though we know what is best sometimes it takes us hearing it from another source to motivate us.

Often times we want the one we want to love us instead of the one who wants us. (And say that fast 3 times)

When good fails to confront evil that leaves only evil's voice and therefore no alternative for the uninformed.

Giving admiration exposes us, for we give it to those we feel are better at something we wish we could be.

In not understanding - Sometimes being left alone to ponder is a dangerous thing. Human nature in solitude most often gravitates to the worst scenario.

Insecure people are skillful in shutting down conversations.

Fear is a debilitating emotion. It keeps us in limbo.

Guys: Flowers and a box of chocolates can bring joy or ... suspicion.

Relying on this saying, “What is supposed to be, will be”, as a truism has lured many into passivity when, rather, action was really needed.

When in a leadership role you will never please everyone.

Denying God leaves a void where evil is glad to fill in.

A woman will find, sooner or later, that she cannot escape the remorse that comes from aborting a child.

Walking a fence leaves one open to being pushed off from either side.

The moment you start thinking you have all the answers you lose the ability to grow.

The Argentine Tango will be a confidence builder or destroyer depending on one’s self image.

It is a conundrum of life that you have to get older to gain experience.

Pride causes a man to continue fighting for the wrong choices even in the face of overwhelming and contradictory evidence.

Often people walk through our lives never aware of their impact. Sadly when we discover in hindsight we have usually lost the opportunity to present our thanks.

Sometimes we wrongly accept someone’s silence as a validation for our choices!

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Self Improvement...

"I can't" is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Sometimes what we think is the best is only an intermediate step to teach us to recognize the authentic when we see it.

When communicating color your words with the hues that match the character of your message.

Notice it is impossible to criticize anyone if you are smiling or laughing.

My new best friend is a paper shredder.

Hopefully a discovered truth will lead to a changed life.

Take note, sometimes blessings come disguised as joy killers but turn out to be, instead, character builders.

Growing oneself means moving closer to the point where God planned for you to be!

A person has to acknowledge their flaws or else they will never change.

A Healthy Life is gained and maintained through the processes of growth.

It is only when we emerge outside our cocoon that we can flourish.

The joy of dancing comes not from how you dance but from the dance within you.

I was gratified this week to see another of my students teaching a tango class, and seeing his own dance improved as the result.

Strength stands tall, wearing it's scars as medals representing its healed wounds.

To become stronger, practice less on your strengths and more on your weaknesses.

Learning comes easiest while in a confident and relaxed state.

Without spending the time to first develop solid techniques, success will be elusive.

The first step in a long process of restoration is speaking the hurt.

Progress is rarely a single event but occurs through time.

Energy is a state of mind.

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The few regrets in my life are of the times, as hindsight revealed, I had something special within my grasp and let the opportunity escape.

Life should not be lived waiting on the storms to pass, it should be lived taking an opportunity to dance in the rain!

I can’t express in words how great it is to rediscover a passion from ones youth. Mine is music. Yaaaaaaaahoo!

Take the time to stop and appreciate the beauty that, if we would only look, is always there.

Everyday is a new opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life!

The greatest regrets in life are the opportunities we let pass without taking the chance.

It saddens me to observe someone close the door to an opportunity that God had opened.

Seize today's opportunities for today will never again return. Download Poster

Becoming good at anything is determined more by mental tenacity than by natural talents.

An obstacle is insurmountable only if you agree it is! Download Poster

A life can still be opened to add new chapters at any age.

Stay alert for opportunities often arrive unexpectedly.

There can be gain from any crisis for there is always something to be learned.

If you close a door God has opened, you are going to lose His great blessing!

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A Characteristic of maturity is having learned when to speak and
when to hold the tongue.

Every civilization that sacrificed its babies and children has disappeared from the earth.

Better is a friend who benefits me with the truth than all who contribute to an illusion with lies. Download Poster

He who tries to accommodate all opinions will soon find himself without any opinion or supporters.

He who attacks the messenger instead of the message has no argument.

A person who shows offense from a question betrays them self. They are usually either feeling the guilt or denying the truth.

Don’t be so concerned about doing great things but concentrate on doing little things with greatness!

Praises from a faithful friend have the value of gold. Praises from a fair weather friend have the weight of a feather.

Truth will be true at all times, in all places and in all circumstances.

Old Mountaineer’s Advice: If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.

Realize that even well meaning friends, offering advice without knowing all the facts, should be suspect.

I say limit 20% to what a person says and credit 80% to what they do.

Learn from your failures but it is just as important to analysis and understand what makes your successes succeed.

Be aware, that everyone’s past has created tinted lenses through which they view life.

Appeasement between an aggressor and the appeased never works for countries, ideologies or couples.

Wisdom from my youth growing up on a dairy farm: Never wear your Sunday shoes in the corral.

Education brings knowledge yet is no guarantee for achieving wisdom. Knowledge is acquired information, wisdom is discerning the truth about knowledge.

Increasing the numbers of those jumping off a cliff will never convince me that the logic is improving.

More gratifying than rebuilding any city is to assist in rebuilding a soul.

Be discerning for even good intentions can bring some unintended consequences.

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Don’t trivialize someone’s lost love by telling them to just get over it and move on. If it was a shallow love it is soon gone and nothing needs to be said. But if it was a deep and abiding love offered only time heals and your advice will be remembered as cruel.

The degree to which a love is offered equals the depth of the hurt upon its loss.

Love acts not in the interest of oneself but in that of others.

Make sure, I say again with emphasis, MAKE SURE your children know you love them unconditionally.

True love is selfless never selfish.

Give me a Love that contains full measurements of trust, hope and selflessness then spice it lavishly with adventure.

The best gifts start first with adding in your heart. Download Poster

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Becoming A Man...

We have a responsibility to pass on what we have learned.

Sports is a great experience where we accept and need coaches. Why should we expect life be any different?

For a man, few things in life feel as good as an opportunity to rescue a fair maiden.

Tasks that should never end ... education, perfecting skills and getting to know God.

Make your goal, not to just finish but to finish well.

Everyday build on strengthening your character for the world needs men with resolve to stand for good against evil.

Man will weep tears of sadness over loss and happily cry tears of joy in restoration.

Pain is not always bad, even Yeshua (Jesus) endured pain for a much greater good!

Prepare yourself to be able to stand up for what is right. It will require inconvenience and sacrifice.

We are the most productive when someone gives us regular encouragement. Now, who will we encourage today?

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others remains immortal.

Strength is gained from testing whether the testing is of muscle, mind or soul.

it is a sin to not lovingly confront a friend in his/her sinful choices.

It is to a man's honor to offer protection to those who are defenseless.

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Building Character...

A character building lesson! Ever notice that a larger dog pays little attention to the yapping of a little dog. His confidence is not concerned with one small mind making a lot of noise.

It is of my deepest regrets to be misunderstood.

The character trait I admire most is loyalty.

Words are hollow unless they have commitment proven by action.

The more difficult the road to achieving a goal, the greater the satisfaction and joy on arriving!

Do the right thing today! For tomorrow may not give us the same opportunity.

To succeed is good but to arrive with a clear conscious having put forth your best efforts is better.

I recommend keeping a praise and gratitude journal, it will be good for your health.

A decision made at the expense of another is destructive for both you and them.

Always pursue truth.

Remember if all is taken from you and you still have your integrity then that is sufficient!

It is our actions that expose us for who we are.

Cherish truth as you would a faithful mate.

Take care if criticizing others that your motives are not just in making yourself appear larger.

Make your choices carefully, as you may be unaware, are always watched by someone.

Faithfulness and honesty are two of the highest virtues.

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Economics 101: Every private sector dollar spent multiplies in the economy by a factor of seven. Every government dollar taxed and spent cancels the mulitplier.

An inheritance, government handout or lottery winnings is quickly spent for that which is gained without sacrifice or investment contains little appreciation.

An economy's assets will flow from areas of restriction and taxes to areas of freedom.

I never lend money, for if I can afford to lend it I can afford to make a gift of it. Then if it is ever given back, I become twice blessed.

Pay as you go is always the strongest position.

There are men of substance and men banking substance yet very rare is the man who can be both.

Put yourself in a position to work to invest in the future rather than pay off debts incurred in the past.

I paraphrase from Proverbs. Think twice about becoming a borrower for it makes you a servant to the lender.

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Acquiring Physical Skills...

When you Dance do it for Joy, without worrying about being perfect.

In most all things, learn the technique, then practice and practice. The skill will come. The more practice the more skill.

A tangero without solid technique lacks the floor (foundation) on which to release his/her emotions.

My martial art's sensai has taught me that a man has more options with an open hand than a clinched fist.

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Government and Society...

These days students are taught what to think rather than how.

A progressive wants to feed you so you have to come to him to replenish, a conservative wants to teach you to fish so you can be independent and feed yourself.

As difficult as keeping weeds from a neighbor’s unkept yard coming into ours, so is it to stave off the surrounding corruption and immorality in today's society.

Any thing you are compelled to do is not freedom.

Christians need to learn to confront in love those who are advocates for ungodly morals. And offer the alternative, not to persuade the speaker but to persuade those that are observing and still undecided.

America is badly in need of virtuous statesmen who can lead. Not virtueless politicians who just acquiesce.

In a free society men’s imaginations flourish. In a controlled society imagination is lined up in front of a firing squad and executed.

Universities used to be places that encouraged creative and independent thinking. Nowadays they are places that will flunk you for it.

In these times if we as a society choose to fight for anything it must be for truth. “Not spin but plain truth.”

Proclaim dependence on God not in government!

From our beginning in 1776 the Spirit instilled in the hearts of Americans is that we can become better today than we were yesterday!

To restore America to her greatness, Americans must turn back to our great God.

Those who can’t put their trust in God may feel a need for government to take care of them. Could this answer why almost all socialists and communists are Atheist?

Appeasement is attractive because it seeks peace but the aggressor is only emboldened and his violence is sure to pursue you in your weaken position.

Democrats have tried to boil us, Republicans to slow cook us, The Tea Party may yet be the only ones to pull us out of the pot.

The separate Tea Parties' one unifying tenant is to once again make politicians accountable to the people rather than owned by those with the deepest pocket books.

The politician hopes, if he repeats his lies often enough, his audience will believe. And usually he, himself, is the first one to be convinced.

For most conservatives to lie is abhorrent. For most progressives to lie is necessary and justifiable.

One man cannot be trusted to govern others, it is hard enough to govern oneself.

Throughout history every government becomes short lived when the leaders' arrogance grows to think he or they can replace God.

The problem with depending on government is that all governments are comprised of flawed individuals. Rather I depend on God.

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Owl Art

Wisdom and Logic...

More and more the content of television looks like the stuff we used back on our dairy to fertilize our garden.

Lets call climate change what it really is. "Weather"

To be successful a person has to stop talking and start doing.

It is impossible for Tolerance and "The Truth" to ever be friends.

Do you ever wonder why you never see a fat old man?

Ideologies at War in America: 1. Occupy Wall street: Method - increase government. Result - Defeatism by believing that limiting someone else's success, decreasing total resources, increases my opportunities. 2. Tea Party: Method - limit government. Result - Exceptionalism because someone else has succeeded, increasing total resources, I can also succeed.

My definition of a "Fool": If you can't accept a simple pencil appearing without a creator, don't expect me to accept a billion varieties of life, a trillion times trillion more complicated, can appear and evolve out of nothing.

Just because something is urgent for you, don't expect it to be for everyone.

To believe in evolution one would also have to agree that it’s possible that from a one letter alphabet, trillions of books are able to spontaneously spring forth.

Does this make sense? TSA terrorizing citizens to protect citizens from terrorists.

Many valuable treasures are missed by those who are blinded.

As a parody to life, the man or woman who is looking to find their next tango is never able to fully enjoy the one they presently have.

The race is not won by speed or a battle won by strength, while they contribute, victory comes more by a tenacious spirit.

Intentional or not, the TSA is a party to dehumanizing and desensitizing the populace. And this can lead to no good.

A wise man also considers any unintended consequences before he acts.

To win over a brother connect first to his heart then to his mind.

Life can never be perfect nor does it have to be!

Growth springs forth out of uncomfortable soil.

When a man starts to believe that only he has the answers, it is at that moment he can become a tyrant.

Abortion is not free choice because it denies the small innocent one, fighting to live, their choice in the matter.

It is not charity to lend aid to self destructing behaviors.

Intellect can be verified while feelings cannot. Because feelings are known only to one owner.

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Dreams and Desires...

"The greatest adventure to me would be to establish a marriage relationship that grows and grows and grows.

Cherish your dreams as if they were your children, for they both need love and nourishment to grow to adulthood. Download Poster

Life is fulfilling if it pursues growth. Find your passions and advance them everyday. Download Poster

The soul of a captive tangero yearns for romance.

Find a way to move your dreams from desires to actions.

Desire, no matter how intense, is lost if there is no commitment to act.

Worse than not having a dream is keeping your dream a secret.

Find your passion and then live it. Success comes from chasing your own dreams not someone else's.

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